Health and Safety Procedures

We are blessed to be able to welcome our community to in-person services with the following directives in place:
  • Individuals who have been exposed to the Coronavirus, or are at high risk as defined by the CDC (those 65-years or older, those with compromised immune systems, those with respiratory illness, heart conditions, or other underlying medical conditions) are encouraged to stay at home. Our livestream will remain active for the time being.
  • A distance of six feet must be observed between families at all times.
  • Use of non-medical masks is required in the Church building.
  • There will be no fellowship hour following Liturgy. Parishioners are asked to depart the Church in an orderly fashion family-by-family following the dismissal.
  • Icons are to be venerated by crossing oneself and bowing. Please do not kiss the icons.

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