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Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Grand Junction, Colorado

Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (AD 73)
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (AD 1922)
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Denver (AD 1979)


Who are our parishioners?
Just regular folks from Mesa County, Colorado:

We are just average Americans living in the Grand Valley, and our language is English. Our congregation is diverse, and everyone is welcome.

Our parishioners are your neighbors, just regular folks from the Grand Valley. Most came from the Roman Catholic and Protestant denominations.

Some members of our congregation are descendants of immigrants to western Colorado from Greece and other traditionally Orthodox countries.

Orthodox Christians comprise about 3.8% of the world population, and about 0.5% of the US population. In comparison, Roman Catholics comprise 17.4% of the World population, and 20.8% of the US population.

For additional statistical information regarding religions in the world and in the United States, see below.

We are an American parish for everyone!

World and National Religion Statistics

Worldwide there are roughly 2.2 billion Christians (about one-third of the world population). There are also about 1.6 billion Moslems, 1.1 billion agnostic/atheist adherents, 1 billion Hindus, 500 million Buddhists, and 14 million Jews.

Of the 2.2 billion Christians, approximately 1.1 billion are Roman Catholics. In addition, there are 286 million Charismatics, 267 million Evangelicals, 264 million Orthodox, and 261 million Pentecostal Christians. Another 22 million belong to other groups, such as Christian Scientists, Mormons, and Jehovahs Witnesses.

Since the 264 million Orthodox faithful comprise one, single Church, they are the second-largest unified Christian group worldwide, after the Roman Catholic Church.

In the United States, however, Orthodox Christians are one of the smallest faith groups, comprising only approximately 0.5% of the population. In comparison, Protestants are about 46.5%, Roman Catholics are 20.8%, Jews are 1.9%, Buddhists are 0.9%, and Muslims and Hindus are both 0.7%.

These broad statistics are only part of the story. A more-detailed comparison with other individual Christian denominations in the US provides an interesting perspective on the relative representation of Orthodox Christianity in America.

Please click here to see a tabular comparison of relative religion populations in the US.

Please click here to view the Pew Research Forum, 2014 Religious Landscape Study, conducted June 4-September 30, 2014.

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