Pascha Picnic at St. Nicholas

Following the Agape Vespers at 11am on Pascha Sunday (May 2), we will host a parish picnic along with our Easter egg hunt for our children.

Please bring a blanket from home, as well as your Pascha baskets. We will have prayers for blessing the Pascha baskets during the Agape Vespers service. Following the service, we will move outside to feast from our Pascha baskets along with coffee and other treats provided by the Church.

Pascha baskets are a long-standing tradition in the Orthodox Church. These baskets are filled with all the good things that we have been fasting from during Lent-- meats, cheeses, wine, etc.-- and other things that we will be feasting on during our celebration of Great and Holy Pascha. We will also bless Pascha baskets at the Paschal Vigil for those who will not be attending Agape Vespers.